How to travel in India

Holidays in India 

The seventh largest and second most populous country – India – with more than a billion inhabitants. Amazing culture, wonderful places and incredibly tasty spicy food all offer a country in which you will feel like on a completely different planet. Most of the tourist who visit India usually book their services through local travel agency in Delhi, India, but now we can also see a trend which is getting more common especially among the young travelers that they have started to visit as solo travelers.

India holidays and accommodation

If you're used to road traffic or some of those rules, forget about them quickly, because none of this applies in India. It's also the case with hotels that may not always be quite what you want, so you'll have to make some compromises. Let's take a look at examples of hotels that are most commonly seen in India.

Hotel in the Mountains in Ooty

A city in the mountains with the best meals(food of kings)I've ever had in India. However, I would like to give an example for an overnight stay where you may think you have come across a really beautiful secluded hotel with a pleasant surroundings and quiet. But appearances often deceive, and that has become fatal to me in this case, too. Here's a sample of what the hotel looked like from the outside.

India Ooty 

I was cruelly wrong. The room was a classic Indian "dungeon". That's what we call hotels in India, which, by their appearance, really resemble a space of small size for  people. Still, the hotel fulfilled its purpose, and if it wasn't for the rats above the ceiling, I might have had a better night's sleep.

Hotel by the Sea - Gokarna

A small town by the sea full of souvenir shops and, unfortunately, tourists. But the accommodation here is truly beautiful. But don't expect any luxury, which the cottages right by the beach don't really offer. But who cares if you can spend all day in the city, in the sea, on the beach or enjoying this wonderful view?

India Gokarna

For me, really the most beautiful accommodation of my trip to India. And if you want to relax after long trips and hikes, I recommend the town of Gokarna and you will surely find plenty of options on the beach to stay.

Holidays in India

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