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Tour in North India

Indian Himalayan tour  Dive into the heart of the Indian Himalayas and meet the traditional peoples of Sikkim whose life you will share in the tea plantations and savor the hospitality while staying with the locals. From Calcutta to Darjeeling to the charming villages of Kalimpong, Pedong, Rumtek and Kewzing, you will cross exceptional landscapes, among picturesque monasteries, green hills, imposing mountain ranges and vast tea plantations. And why not take advantage of your relaxing stop in Chalsa to introduce you to Ayurveda' What to experience? Immersion in the Himalayan mountains. The encounter with traditional populations. Nights and meals at the home for real moments of exchange and sharing. Active participation in life in Darjeeling tea plantations. The fabulous journey aboard the "Toy train" from Kurseong to Siliguri and the introduction to Ayurveda's in Chalsa. North India - Rajasthan: Small group discovery tour of Maharaja country to Benares Join a small gro

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